Porcelain Slabs are A New GTA Trend

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Porcelain slabs are a new GTA trend and the designers are all abuzz. Read on to learn more about why porcelain slab countertops are poised to be the next big design trend.
The world of interior design has been taken by storm by innovations made from a material that’s been around for centuries, and a form that was first introduced in the 1990s. The material is porcelain, made by baking kaolin clay at high temperatures, and invented in ancient China. Porcelain can be made to be so durable that Han Dynasty pieces made more than two thousand years ago retain their shape and their bright colouring. While the material has been extant for centuries, it’s only recently that manufacturing processes have devised a way to make large, thin slabs of porcelain suitable for kitchen countertops. The introduction of these porcelain slabs to the GTA is causing a stir amongst designers, who see new possibilities in the material.

New Designs

Porcelain slab combines many of the best attributes of natural stone, solid surface, and engineered stone. It’s extremely durable, to the point of being able to withstand outdoor use during Canadian winters. Homeowners often choose granite slab because of its durability – but it’s estimated that porcelain slab is 30% stronger than granite, one of the earth’s hardest substances.
Because porcelain slab is non-porous, it doesn’t stain or scratch easily. For a tough and durable material, porcelain is affordable too – with a pre-fabrication price of approximately $800 - $1,000 for an average countertop. Installation of porcelain slab is also very convenient, since it’s very light compared to stone, and all of the tools used to cut stone work well for porcelain as well.
The aspects of this material that have designers abuzz with excitement include:
  • Colours, patterns, and designs. New glaze techniques and innovative inkjet printing abilities mean that the surface can be decorated with virtually anything. Obviously all colours in the palette can be manufactured, but these new techniques mean that a myriad of colours and designs can be repeated throughout the piece. The accuracy of the printing systems have created porcelain slabs that look remarkably like other materials such as lacy fabric, wood, metal, and more.
  • Tile tie-ins. Porcelain slab is manufactured by companies that have been creating porcelain tiles for decades. Now tile and slab can be matched exactly, colour for colour, design for design. A designer can use porcelain slab in conjunction with corresponding tile accents on walls, floors, backsplashes, and more.
  • Slim and sleek. Porcelain slab is so strong that it doesn’t need to be very thick. Its thin surface makes it perfect for contemporary design. In addition, some homeowners have stone countertops that they wish to replace. Removing stone slab however, can be expensive, work intensive, and messy. In many cases, porcelain slab can be installed right on top of existing stone countertops.
  • Integrated sinks. While integrated sinks are possible with some other countertop materials, porcelain slab allows designers to create integrated sinks with the same colour and pattern as the countertop surface! This is a truly integrated element.

More to Come

With porcelain slab beginning to trend in the GTA, designers continue to watch developments with interest. All indications are that porcelain slab countertops are set to be the next big thing!